i-Lipo: the non-invasive alternative to liposuction?

Have you got stubborn fat areas that you just can’t seem to shift with diet and exercise alone? Well, you may have just discovered what you’ve been looking for. If you want to lose those fatty inches from your body and improve your body shape at the same time you have got to try the revolutionary new laser treatment called I liposuction.

woman looking at waist measurements

I liposuction is among a new wave of non invasive cosmetic procedures that targets the stubborn fatty areas that no amount of dieting and exercise can remove, while tightening the skin and reducing cellulite at the same time. It’s quick, safe and painless with no bruising, no needles and no invasive surgery compared to the traditional liposuction or even smartlipo with absolutely no down time at all and the results can be seen immediately. It’s so quick you can have it done in your lunch hour and return to work straight after treatment.

How does i-Liposuction work?

What happens is the laser energy penetrates and stimulates the targeted fat cells, these fat cells then release their contents (fat) which is then absorbed by the muscles in your body, the fat released is then burnt off as you exercise, it’s a very natural process and a process that your body would usually take itself. All you have to do afterwards is a little light exercise to help the body burn away the fat that has been released. There is no pain whatsoever and you may find it very relaxing with a slightly warm sensation in the area being treated.

“targets stubborn fatty areas that no amount of dieting and exercise can seem to remove”

There is no need for local or general anaesthesia as there is no surgery involved and no risk of infection and bruising compared to traditional liposuction. All skin types can use I liposuction and all body areas where there is any unwanted stored fat can be treated. Normal activities can be resumed straight after the treatment with no discomfort at all, just a brand new you.

I liposuction is significantly more affordable compared to traditional liposuction and even other laser treatments like smart lipo, with similar results, you’ll be able to have the treatment done in a local clinic or even in the comfort of your own home.

I liposuction is clinically proven and many studies have shown that it gets the same results as traditional liposuction, and when shown on an ultrasound, there is a 30% reduction in fat layer depth, straight after the first treatment, the more treatments you have the better the results become, a typical 2 – 4cm loss in abdomen circumference can be seen after just one treatment, 8 treatments are recommended that are spread over 4 weeks, usually 2 treatments a week, treatment time is usually 20 minutes.

The results can be seen immediately after treatment because the fat cells contents (fat) have been released, great advantage from exercise and diet which may reduce overall body weight but doesn’t spot remove the stubborn fat from problem areas.

It’s an innovative design with 32 lasers that gently and safely penetrate the skin using 4 pads, this reduces treatment time, I liposuction is made and maintained in the UK by Chromogenex, and the technology has been studied and used for 30 years, making it extremely safe.